Suzhou Haihong International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.

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About us

  Suzhou Haihong International Freight Co., Ltd., is a main import and export goods customs clearance agent, booking and arrangement of the international transport of a freight Proxy Companies. International Agency for the record table number:00004945.  

  The company by virtue of freight more than 10 years of experience and outstanding freight talent management, plays an important role in many of the ...


Suzhou Haihong international freight transportation agent limited company has the import and export cargo shipping agent qualification, imports can undertake international shipping FCL, LCL import transport agency business.....
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Suzhou Haihong International Freight Forwarding Co. Ltd. the main contractors import and export goods customs declaration, inspection and other services, and to provide customers with customs clearance, freight, warehousing.....
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Suzhou Haihong International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. is currently in the Yangtze River Road, Suzhou high tech Zone Customs point, Suzhou Wuzhong Customs point, processing zone, Suzhou export new Suzhou bonded logistics .....
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Joint logistics is superimposed, Suzhou export processing zone opened first district after the establishment of the warehousing logistics enterprises, service content relates to storage, Vendor Managed Inventory.....
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Contact us

Company's headquarters:
New International Building, No. 98 North Suzhou road Wuzhong District City Dongwu room 1711
Xiangcheng branch:
The Customs Building No. 11 building in Suzhou city is the administrative center of Xiangcheng District 1 building room 104
New district branch:
Room 304,customs clearance service center ,datong road 12,suzhou new district